Tuesday, September 23, 2008

August 30th/September 1 Report: San Angelo State Park

Curve-billed Thrasher, San Angelo S.P., ©2008 Jim Miller
Note: This is a catch-up entry. I have one more to go...

Labor Day weekend at San Angelo State Park was relatively positive. For a 3-day weekend, I worked really hard and played really hard. I was finishing up my framing jobs for the exhibit at Crockett National Bank (see my August 24th entry). It was the first time I'd put together so many frames for one project, so I had to space it out over a number of sessions. That weekend's sessions (which took most of an afternoon) was attaching the hanging wires and doing final quality assurance checks. But enough about business.

I took some chances with the blind over the weekend. I had not spent much if any time in the late afternoon at the blind. I had done it a couple of times last year with poor results and I had pretty much given up on the blind being anything other than a morning blind. Then one of my fellow photographers pointed out that light wise, theoretically, the blind could be very much a light neutral blind. The blind is pointing a few degrees off of due South. So depending on the strength of the light, late afternoon had some potential.

Mornings remain the more productive time. The light is very usable in the morning and the numbers of birds seem to be much better. But evenings at this time of year seem to have a little bit of potential. I need to experiment with a fill-flash, though the color temperature thing worries me a bit.

Image: Curve-billed Thrasher, San Angelo S.P., ©2008 Jim Miller

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