Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trying to Find The Time To Do What I Like...

© - Rufous-crowned Sparrow
It has been a long time, my friends.  Just when I thought I was finding time to do the things I like to do I found that the time was slipping through my fingers.  I hate when that happens.

So with this blog post I'm trying to once again get into the swing of things when it comes to shooting from blinds.

During this holiday weekend I have once again found time to update the Texas Bird Blind Map (link on the right).  I am also doing a property-by-property spreadsheet which I hope to share here soon.  In addition I hope to have a calendar setup with the various workshops that are going to be taking place through next summer at the various private ranches throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley and the Texas Hill Country.  More to follow on those, soon.

My hope, which given my past record is likely only a hope, is to do weekly updates up through the summer.  These may include recent trips, blinds I've visited at another time, or the mechanics of establishing a backyard blind.

Keep me honest.  Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll add it to the list.

Happy Shooting!

About the Image:
This shot was made at the Transition Ranch in late May 2016.  He had just left the pond and on the full size image you can see water droplets on his feathers.