Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preview of Coming Attractions...

Bronzed Cowbird, San Angelo State Park, © 2008 Jim Miller
Busy times in my neck of the woods lately. I have two reports coming, but I don't have the time to do them right over the next couple of days. I have a site report from South Llano River State Park from last weekend and a site report from San Angelo State Park from the last couple of days. I also have a quick blog entry running through my mind on equipment essentials.

So why am I being such a sloth? Two primary reasons.

First, and the biggest time sink of them all, I'm hurriedly getting ready for a 12 image show at Crockett National Bank in downtown San Angelo. And no, not of birds but of Icelandic Churches. For as much work as I've been doing on living things, it was nice to go back and look at images I shot over some extended visits to Iceland in the late 90's and early in this decade. Iceland's churches were my first love when it came to photographic subjects and the folks at the bank were nice enough to remind me that I've got some pretty darn good images sitting in the archives. The show begins on September 2nd and for reasons that I'd rather not explain, assembling the exhibition items was not as easy as I'd hoped.

Second reason is that last week was entirely too busy in the evening and this weekend, after getting some much needed photography in, was even busier with paint and other implements of home improvement.

I'm on the road again for part of this week, but where I'm staying has a good Internet hook-up so maybe if I'm lucky I can pound out the blind reports. If not, it may be early into next week before I have the time.

Image: Bronzed Cowbird, San Angelo State Park, © 2008 Jim Miller

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