Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28th Report - San Angelo State Park

An interesting and frustrating morning in the blind. Frustrating because the light was harsh and nasty and while there was a good number of birds in the area, the lighting made it almost impossible to get anything worth bringing home.

Interesting because of the species that were out. Specifically, I cannot remember a time when there were more Northern Mockingbirds and more Pyrrhuloxia than there were today. The place was covered in both species. The Mockingbirds were being very territorial and the Pyrrhuloxia were being camera shy. Hope that this is a preview of coming attractions as we get deeper into Autumn and the Pyrrhuloxia are more willing to take chances to take food.

The laundry list is posted here. A couple of surprises, though. Only 1 Northern Cardinal all morning. No hummingbirds. I've still been seeing hummingbirds pretty regularly at my house in the evening, so it may be a case of the morning was too cool (mid 50's) for the hummingbirds to come out. There were quite a few Lesser Goldfinches first thing this morning.

Image: Lesser Goldfinch, San Angelo State Park, ©2008 Jim Miller

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