Friday, September 26, 2008

September 7th Report - San Angelo State Park

Black-crested Titmouse, (c) 2008 Jim MillerNote: This is the last of the catch-up articles for now. I still need to do an equipment entry, but that's coming later...

Interesting weekend of shooting. Yes, the entry is only for my Sunday services out in the park, but I was out on Saturday as well. Weather was predicted to be mostly clear all weekend so I spent Saturday with wildflowers and part of the Official Texas Longhorn Herd.

Sunday morning I went out to the blind for a fairly productive morning. Light was somewhat harsh but I was able to work around it.

I ended up spending about 2 hours in the blind and had a pretty wide range of birds come through. I won't go into the laundry list because I've once again misplaced the laundry list. But Longhorn Cattle, (c)2008 Jim Millerfrom the images there were a few notes and quotes.

- Quite a few juvenile Northern Cardinals. Most were looking for some supplementary feeding from Mom & Dad
- Brown-headed cowbirds were numerous. Kind of disappointing...
- A male Bullock's Oriole was playing games with me throughout the morning. I was lucky enough to get a couple ID quality images off, but there was always a branch or something in the way
-Some of the male House Finches are taking on almost a pink hue around their head. Not sure if they're juveniles getting their colors in or if it's something with the season.

Overall it was a good visit with about 300 shots in 2 hours. Couple of keepers in there...

Black-crested Titmouse, San Angelo State Park, ©2008 Jim Miller
Longhorn Cattle, San Angelo State Park, ©2008 Jim Miller

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