Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up & Housekeeping...

The quantity of blog entries and blind reviews have not been quite what I would have hoped for during the last month. Work obligations have created a dearth of free time to put in the work that I would like to put in. And honestly, if I have a choice between doing a blog entry or walking around with a monopod-mounted camera in my hand, I'm going to choose for the option behind curtain #2. Hence I've managed to keep up with the time-sensitive reports (blind reports) but have put off finishing a couple of reviews until I had the time to do them right.

The normal progression of things is 2 blog entries a week. One dealing with the latest blind report (depending on where I go) and a second that reviews a picture taking location w/blinds. This weekend I've been quite a bit more active, but 2 is the weekly goal.

In the very near future I have a review of the Petersen Ranch to complete from my visit in late April (yes... I'm that far behind) and then the 4th blind from South Llano River State Park. Additionally I need to go back and add links to images of the birds that I have mentioned throughout the blog over the last couple of months. Over the next week or so I'm hoping some much needed time off (8 hours of compensation time and a long holiday weekend) will allow me to finish what needs to be finished. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also this weekend I added two new blinds on the Google Map of Photo Blinds.

Image: House Sparrow (Female), San Angelo S.P., (c) 2008 Jim Miller

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