Sunday, January 1, 2012

News for the New Year

I hope your holidays were good for you and yours and you are plotting out your shooting opportunities in this new year.

I haven't had any time in a blind since my visit to San Angelo State Park.  In fact, the camera sat on the shelf for close to two weeks as the weather was miserable and wet, which is exactly what we needed in Texas.  I will be pulling out my pop-up blind tomorrow as preparation for a visit to San Angelo in a couple of weeks.

I was made aware of a new blind in South Texas.  It is the Rockin' R Ranch, west of Ben Bolt.  A photographer (Jeff Parker) has set up the blinds and the images off of his site are very impressive.  The fee for the day is $125 per day for the blind or $295 for the day for the blind with Jeff working as your guide.  Contact Jeff for more information.

Thanks for making last year really rewarding.  Stay tuned...2012 is going to be outstanding.

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