Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13th Report - San Angelo S.P.

Male House Sparrow, San Angelo State Park, ©2008 Jim Miller
Slow but interesting morning in the blind. Actually a very late start for me compared to my normal routine. I was all ready to go out at 8 AM but as I was getting things into the car it started to rain a bit. Had the same thing happen Sunday morning and the rain kept going pretty good for a while so I called it off. Besides, I had work to do to get ready for Santa's Market in about a month so I spent the morning (and afternoon and evening) putting together my display wall and assembling cards (yes, a little shamless self-promotion...expect more soon).

This morning I assumed the same thing would be happening, but within 30 minutes all was better but by then I had completely stood down on trying to make it out. 20 minutes later I was out the door and 20 minutes later I was in the blind.

An aside, and completely off-topic, Happy 40th to my favorite Occupational Therapist... Saw the sign outside work. I'm sure there was hell to pay when the work day was over...

As for the bird blind. Things were very slow at first, but things picked up by about 10 AM. Again a smaller species set as compared to the summer but that is to be expected. What made me very happy (though I did not get a good picture of it) was the return of the White-Crowned Sparrows. I saw 2 or 3 but never did get a good angle on them. Lots of House Sparrows and House Finches. Red-Winged Blackbirds were also plentiful. As usual, White-Winged Doves outnumbered Mourning Doves. Only a couple of Brown-headed Cowbirds. No laundry list for this visit.

Image: House Sparrow (Male), San Angelo State Park, © 2008 Jim Miller

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