Thursday, April 16, 2015

Taking Things Off Pause

© - Northern Cardinal
So last summer I put this blog on pause.  I had retired from the Air Force.  I was starting a new job.  I knew I was going to be busy.  Well, I thought I knew how busy I was going to be.

Eight months down the road I now know that I made a really good decision to put this blog on pause.  Wow... Civilian life is different.  As busy as military life, but just in a different way.

Four months of that eight I didn't even pick up the camera to go shooting.  Probably a mistake in retrospect, but things needed to be done around the new home.  My first shoot was back in a blind at South Llano River SP in early December.  It took another 6 weeks before I shot again.  All in total I have shot 7 times since retiring, and all 7 times have been in bird blinds of one sort or another.

I think I have enough sea legs in the civilian world to start blogging here again.

My return will be going in 4 different directions.

First is catching up with what the private ranches in the Texas Hill Country and South Texas are doing.  I will be working hard to catch up again on my bird blind map and trying to get my bearings again.

Second, I will be documenting my blind trips from this year.  Good for historical data going down the road--you'd be surprised if I told you how many searches hit this site looking for particular shooting locations.  Date plus location will be a good reference point.

Third, I will likely be building a new website to catalog some of this information.  The blog is great, but having a resource that is searchable will likely be better for all who are looking.

And last, but certainly not least, I will be chronicling the planning and building of my own bird blind in my backyard.  With retirement came a change in homes and this home has the space in the "backyard" to put up a permanent blind.

I am aiming for weekly posts.  Fingers crossed...

About the Image:
This is one of the test shots I made out of a temporary pop-up blind in the backyard.  The Northern Cardinal was very cooperative.

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