Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Workshop Updates

This is the first swing at assembling a list of workshops that are going on this spring. The deeper I've gotten into trying to do this, the more I realize why I've never tried this before (or I've tried and I've repressed the memory of it...).

Updates are coming soon.  If you know of other workshops going on, please feel free to share.

Of note is Block Creek Natural Area that has 6(!) workshops or tours going through the property this spring.  I'd say that's a sign that they have a quality property and they treat photographers well.  At least three of those are repeat pro photographers.

ICF Pro-Am (Mike Sloat) - River Ranch - April 12-16
David Cardinal - Block Creek Natural Area - April 18-23
David Cardinal - Rio Grande Valley Ranches - April 24-30
Kathy Adams Clark - Block Creek Natural Area - April 27-29
ICF Pro-Am (Dale Franz) - Cotulla Ranches - April 27-30
ICF Pro-Am (Butch Ramirez) - Rocking R6 Ranch - April 27-30

Andy Long - Lower Rio Grande Ranches - May 2-8
ICF Pro-Am (Dale Franz) - Block Creek Natural Area - May 3-7
ICF Pro-Am (Mike Sloat) - Los Madrones - May 3-7
Larry Ditto - Block Creek Natural Area - May 11-13
ICF Pro-Am (Jeff Parker) - Tacubaya Ranch - May 17-21
ICF Pro-Am (John Pickles) - Dos Venadas - May 17-21
Sean Fitzgerald - Block Creek Natural Area - May 18-20
ICF Pro-AM (Larry Ditto) - El Potrero Ranch - May 31-June 4

Kathy Adams Clark - Block Creek Natural Area - June 22-24

Again, more updates coming as I find more time to flesh things out.  Have patience--I'm but one guy with a bum foot ;)

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