Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 18th Report - San Angelo State Park

Just a short note regarding the blind at San Angelo State Park. I was able to visit the morning of the 18th for about an hour and was generally impressed. Water was flowing, the grounds were very well maintained, and the birds were plentiful. The species spread was kind of narrow, but I also didn't spend the amount of time I usually do at the blind. Far too many things going on elsewhere during my trip home and not nearly enough time to do everything that I wanted to do.

The highlight of the visit was a Wild Turkey hen and three or four offspring that made it into the general blind area. Only one of the offspring was brave enough to venture close enough to get a good look, but his siblings were definitely in the brush and while obscured, were definitely identifiable. Of all of the trips I made into the blind, this was the first time I had seen Wild Turkey chicks.

No pictures for right now... I left my memory card from that particular shoot at home. I'm hoping that it will show up in the mail in the next few days and I will share then.

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